Yes Its Possible To Win Big With Online Gambling

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July 14, 2018
Winning big in online casinos?
July 21, 2018

Yes Its Possible To Win Big With Online Gambling

There is a saying among people enjoy gambling that “The House always wins!” This saying refers to the sad reality that most people who gamble at land-based casinos will end up losing money. After all, it would not be possible for casinos to make money if large numbers of people hit the jackpot regularly. However, most people will be pleased to know that it is much easier to be one of the lucky few to win big with online gambling, as opposed to land-based casinos.

The Difference Between Land-based and Online Casinos: Payout Percentages

The key to understanding why it’s easier to win money at an online casino as opposed to a land-based casino is the concept of payout percentages. Specifically, the return-to-player payout percentage is the percentage of money that the casinos return to players. Trained actuaries carefully track the return-to-player percentage at regular intervals for both land-based casinos and online casinos. The return-to-player payout percentage for land-based casinos usually ranges from 70 to 80%. By contrast, the return-to-payout percentage for online casinos ranges from about 93% Almost all online casinos have a return-to-payout percentage of at least 90%. Occasionally, some online casinos have been known to have return-to-payout percentages of over 100% for short periods of time. Unlike with land-based casinos, it is very easy to find out what the return-to-payout percentage is for any given online casino. This information will either be posted somewhere on the webpage for the casino or is readily available by contacting customer support . Below is a review of three of the best online casinos with the highest return-to-payout percentages:

Online Casinos With the Highest Payout Percentages

Las Vegas USA

This online casino has been around since 1999 and averages a payout percentage of about 98.25%. The online casino has over 200 games to choose from and all games are available in real money mode and free money mode. Las Vegas USA boasts more promotional offers than its online competitors, including matching bonus deposits up to several thousand dollars for all money deposited for game play. The disadvantages of Las Vegas USA are that it does not have telephone support and it is not yet available on mobile platforms.

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