Looking To Get Into Sports Betting? Here Are The Top 5 Sports To Bet On

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March 10, 2021
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Looking To Get Into Sports Betting? Here Are The Top 5 Sports To Bet On

Sports betting continues to grow in popularity with the increasing popularity of sites like 1xbet login. For those new to the sport of betting, it can be a little intimidating. Here are the top sports to consider when making your next bet.


European Football


European football or soccer is one of the most-watched sport throughout the entire world. This only makes sense that it would be one of the top sports for betting, too. Betting on soccer is straightforward, making it a grand sport for new bettors. It is as simple as betting on whether the match will end in a win or draw and predicting the final score.


For those who have a little more betting experience under their belt, they can make bets on things like throw-ins and corner kicks. To be successful at betting on soccer, it is important to do your research on the teams’ stats to better predict the matches’ outcome.

American Football


In the United States, the NFL, National Football League, is the top for spending money on betting in the United States. The NFL attracts a lot of bettors, despite that betting on football is still not legal in many of the US states. It is another easy sport for bettors to place a bet. It is as simple as betting on who is going to win, how many touchdowns, who is going to be leading at halftime, and the list goes on. Of course, the biggest game of the season, the Super Bowl draws bettors from all over the world.




Betting on tennis is easy for beginners and also fun for experts alike. It is as simple as betting on who is going to win the match. It takes a bit of studying. It is important to understand the players’ ranking and whether they play better on grass or clay.




Basketball is quickly growing in popularity. Not only are there NBA games to bet on, but college games are popular too, especially during March Madness. European basketball is also seeing a spike in popularity. Spread bets are the most popular bets for basketball. So, it is important to do some homework.


Horse Racing


People have been betting on horse racing since the sport began. This is a simple sport to bet on. Go to the track and place a bet on a horse. Some people say that you need to research the horse to find out if it runs better on a dry or wet track and other statistics. However, a lot of bettors choose a horse because they like the name or the way the horse looks, or they like a jockey.

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