Current trends in online poker may surprise you

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October 21, 2017
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Current trends in online poker may surprise you

While poker has been played around the world for several centuries, it is only in the last decade or so that it has become a popular online game. With millions of people around the world now playing poker, however, it is becoming easier to see what the current trends are, as well as where poker may be going in the future.

What current trends are proving is online poker is definitely here to stay.

VIP programs may not be important — Back in 2015, PokerStars which is one of the largest online poker operators announced it was going to reduce the benefits offered in its VIP player programs.

Of course, there was mass outrage with poker players around the world saying they would no longer play on the site. What actually happened? The following month, PokerStars revenue was even higher than ever. Thus proving, most players are not VIP players so VIP programs may not be that important.

Christmas promotions are big — Even though you would think most people spend their money during December on holiday items that are not related to poker.

In reality, with various Christmas promotions offered by the larger online casinos, December is proving to continually be one of the most profitable months. Whether that is because people have more disposable income than first thought, or because they just want to get away from their families over the holiday season, nobody knows.

Offshore online casinos are thriving — As more and more countries try to regulate the online poker industry, offshore scoreqq casinos are thriving.

Some of them are so large now they are some of the biggest on the Internet, and so are able to offer poker games others may not.

The problem with this, however, is that it can end up damaging the poker industry as illegal casinos involve themselves in bad business practices that threaten their customers’ solvency.

There is not much news as to what will happen with this current trend at the moment, but a close eye should be kept on the gaming industry offshore.

Progressive Knockout tournaments are still popular — In the last couple of years, Progressive Knockout tournaments have become increasingly popular with those offered by PokerStars some of the most popular online.

This shows no sign of slowing down in 2017, with current trends seeming to say that these types of tournaments may soon overtake the more traditional ones.

Less recreational players are interested — As more professional poker players are starting to use tracking software, those players who are just in it for recreation are finding the game less interesting to play.

After all, when you are competing against people who have that much of an unfair advantage, it is highly unlikely a recreational player can actually win anything substantial.

With this in mind, however, one of the current trends could definitely be major online casinos banning the use of this type of software. Especially if the number of recreational players really falls.

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